Imagine a company that wants to move its goods to the company B. Regardless of the type of transport (sea, air, road or intermodal), the forwarding agent supervises the entire process. They are the one contacting the two parties and make sure all processes go smoothly. Depending on customer's needs, they select the appropriate mode of transport, oversee loading, unloading and prepare appropriate shipping and customs documents.


We can safely say that an experienced forwarding agent is also an advisor. They timely provide all relevant advice regarding regulations and legal requirements. Why? So that, at the moment of the organisation of the actual transport, the customer is prepared for foreseeable situations. It is extremely important because it minimises total costs involved in the forwarding process.


A forwarding agent is a very important link in the supply chain because, apart from having the ability to oversee a shipment, they can solve potential problems and their appropriate approach to difficult situations limits the risk of increased costs and times of transport.


Summing up, a forwarding agent is the organiser and coordinator of the whole transport process. Without him, delivering any goods anywhere would be impossible. The customer saves time and money (while avoiding frustration) thanks to cooperation with an experienced professional. Working with a trusted and reliable company, the customer receives support at each stage.