When we talk about transporting goods from the Far East we usually think about sea, air, and rail freight.

Due to various obstacles emerging recently, an alternative solution in the form of road transport is becoming more and more popular. IFB Poland strives to fulfill our customers’ needs in this regard as well. A pilot project was already implemented in 2020.

Depending on the situation at the border, pandemic restrictions, and current political situations, we choose one of following routes:

Kazakhstan > Russia > Belarus > Poland

Russia > Belarus > Poland

Estimated transit time China-Poland is 16-18 days. Unfortunately, it can extend by 7-10 days due to traffic and congestion at the border crossing. 

One definite advantage of this system is the possibility to transport all kinds of goods, including dangerous cargo, including: batteries and devices containing them, e-commerce, medical equipment.

Additionally, this service allows transport of oversize cargo. The weight limit is 21-22 tonnes.

When using road transport from China, we recommend getting cargo insurance. This is especially important because of cargo being reloaded at the border.

To get an estimate, we need:

1. dimensions, quantity and weight of the packages;
2. loading and unloading addresses;
3. customs location in Poland;
4. MSDS and HS code in case the goods are DG.

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