The end of January and the beginning of February marks the time of waiting for the Chinese new year celebrations to end. The Chinese begin to do a thorough clean-up of their houses (evicting evil spirits in the process), celebrate with close ones and make sacrifices to their ancestors.


One of the customs observed is the farewell of Zao Chen (kitchen god) who leaves to give a monthly report before the Jade Emperor. On this occasion we would  like to share with you this  heart-to-heart summary of the 2018.


A few facts 


We need to acknowledge that 2018 was a difficult year and, at the same time, a breakthrough year. Although the IFB group as a whole is over 39 years old, we started operations in Poland "only" 9 years ago. In 2010 we entered the Polish market with a lot of energy and faith, opening 3 branches: in Gdynia, Warsaw, and Wrocław. Then, a team of merely 6, we achieved results that surpassed our initial goals.


Our presence on the market has been recognized and acknowledged by the industry, including through the honourable mention award "Best new company on the market" (one of the awards given every year by the Eurologistics magazine).


Having such a good start, we spread our wings more. We gained trust of our clients and partners, opened a branch in Gliwice, broadened our range of services and developed our team. At the end of 2017 we could boast 4 branches employing 36 people total.


With such good results and such a rapid development, we were aware that this hill has its apex, and we will have to eventually stop to briefly look around and consider further development directions.


A difficult time


We entered 2018 with the baggage from the previous year. Year 2017 gave us the signals of market and growth in profit slow-down. This is important for describing 2018 because the effects of this trend were most visible in it. Despite this, we knew that these were growing pains. We did not slow down, quite the opposite. We expanded the composition and our network of branches by opening offices in ‎‎Lódź and Poznań.

We set the bar even higher.


The missing piece


We paid attention to maintain good relations with our Clients and business Partners. We nurtured the good atmosphere in local teams as well as the company as a whole. We knew we had good base for further development. However, we felt it was not enough. We felt that in order to grow and tackle new challenges we need something more.


We ventured outside business, although the performance charts were not in favour of doing so. We took a step back and found the common element, which was present somewhere in the base of our company. We got involved in a big, noble cause. We began an outstanding cooperation with the AMP FUTBOL Polska team which represented Poland in World Cup 2018 in Mexico. After 8 years of doing things for ourselves we decided to do something for others. And we did! It gave us a push forward.


The step forward.


This would not have been possible without one more project we had started before the cooperation with AMP FUTBOL Polska. Our company, in a natural way, focused on selling products and customer service. The bigger the company became, the more it became apparent that we were lacking something that would unify and integrate us. More and more matters from outside business appeared, for which we always lacked time. That's why, in the middle of the year, we created a department which would analyse those needs and take care of general organisation affairs. The effect of this was the creation of our social media channels, creating a whole new website, and searching for new Partners who could bring a new quality to our projects.


Positive vibes


2018 gave us a lot of new experiences and showed that growth not always means bigger sales. It made us stronger internally, giving us the feeling that we can count on one another as a team in more difficult moments. It poured good energy into us along with motivation to act in 2019. It made a small step in business, but for us internally it was an important step.


Goals for 2019


Continuous growth. This year our focus is further, but also intensified development of contract logistics.


We would like to thank our Customers and Partners: without you we would not be able to move forward, create goals and act. Thank you for the last year and all the future ones!


IFB Poland team